Hate? Or resistance? What does the universe demand of us?

The political temperature of our country is rising rapidly RIGHT NOW.

A week ago, I posted that the accusation that we simply hate Donald Trump and therefore oppose him is completely wrong. Our despot has brought hate to the top in our country, and acts on it with everything he does against everyone who is different than he is. It is demanded of us by the universe to oppose hate, and doing so is not hate itself. Every religious tenet, except for the perverted beliefs of hateful and murderous MAGA christians and Extremist muslims, demands that hate be confronted and defeated.

The murmuring has been, therefore, so why do I oppose Donald Trump?

I take the TENTH MAN approach and always look at the path we were on, the path we are now on, and how history shows us where that path leads.

When I lay today’s paths onto an overlay of history, the outcome is extreme and damning.

Here is why I oppose American despot Donald Trump:

First, of course, is his illegitimacy.

Every day of his illegitimate occupancy of our White House, American despot Donald Trump has:

  • Crashed against our Constitution’s checks-and-balances in order to fracture them
  • Polluted our judicial system with what he considers to be “politicians in robes,” including sycophant jurists who swore undying fealty to him (not to our country or our citizens) and swore to protect him from justice. They now sit on Federal benches throughout the country, and on our Supreme Court, and as our faux Attorney General.
  • Is setting up our U.S. Armed Forces for him to install sycophants as officers loyal to him, in keeping with the tradition of the dictators and tyrants he so admires who use their militaries to protect their own power. He is installing a Secretary of Defense who has no military experience or interest, and he is pushing for Emergency Powers which include giving him the ability to appoint his own officers swearing fealty to him alone throughout our military.
  • Using non-stop racism and xenophobia via his obelisk “the wall” to create a fake apocalypse, he now is declaring Emergency Powers as a direct result of the strategy, using the wall as his defense. Emergency Powers are broad and open the gate for authoritarian tyranny.

Second is his tyranny.

Under our despot, we teeter on the precipice of fascist control and destruction. He has shoved the USA into the maw of his authoritarian tyranny. He built #InternmentCamps, conditioned lockstep knee-jerk true believers to believe and follow only him, destroyed honesty and integrity, declared Emergency Powers, positioned the U.S. military for police action on domestic soil, inflamed Trumpians to target “enemies” among us, tacitly approves Civil War II and overtly calls for violence, convinced his lockstep knee-jerk true believers of all their enemies and that those enemies are animals, not human, and every day strives to reinforce himself as the messiah to his followers.

Third is his destruction of truth.

He sent his sycophant jurist posing as our Attorney General to the public, and then to the Senate, to lie to convince them that our despot is above the law and truth, that he is the only one who can determine his own innocence or guilt. (No sane citizen believed that a despot who bullied doctors into writing insane letters about his health, who bullied his staff into writing lies that the Trump Tower / Russia meeting was about ADOPTION, who bullied pathetic Sen. Graham into acting like a bully himself to push the approval of that beer-guzzling Supreme Court nominee, did not also bully this sycophant jurist to protect him from justice.) Trump’s fingers and crayons are all over everything from this fake U.S. Attorney General William Barr.

What our despot is doing shapes the history and values of the USA permanently. It drags down our citizens into a pit of immorality and indecency.

Our despot has declared EMERGENCY POWERS which includes 136 distinct statutory emergency powers given to the President, allowing our despot to, among other things,


  • modify the U.S. military as he sees fit, including flooding the officer ranks with his own hand-picked military leaders who swear fealty to only him (just as he has done with the judiciary);
  • order our military to assist any country HE considers to benefit from our military assistance.
  • shut down “THE MEDIA,” as he is doing this week by throwing reporters out of the White House;
  • freeze YOUR bank accounts, cut your wages, and seize YOUR assets;
  • force you out of your home and deny assistance for relocation;
  • potentially block elections and to declare martial law with enthusiastic support from the immoral GOPTeaParty Senate;
  • lay waste to environmental protection and our despot can destroy our environment on his whim.
  • virtually steal Federal property without competitive bidding and to benefit from exclusive access to all purchasing contracts of the government.

His EMERGENCY POWERS declaration is the direct outcome of his strategy of xenophobia and hate embodied in his obstinate, intractable call for his wall, that new brown-skin Jim Crow obelisk that is the new “WHITES ONLY!” sign on our border.

Can you see how the path from his racist xenophobia at the very beginning of his campaign, from the announcement of his candidacy, has inexorably dragged us to this point in our nation right now where we are teetering on the edge of the pit of his authoritarian tyranny?

This is the path we have been traveling, the path we are on.

Our despot has:

  • Our despot has deployed our Armed Forces on our own soil in police action, framed as police “support” in order to escape the obvious direct violation of every principle we hold for our Armed Forces so that they cannot be used in either a coup or in martial law. But, here we are. They have been deployed.
  • Our despot never speaks to us, only to his lockstep knee-jerk true believers to inflame and manipulate them to believe and follow only him. That includes overtly calling for violence, while also tacitly calling for Civil War II by embracing and not condemning the constant drone of his followers for civil war.
  • Our despot has destroyed truth. With truth destroyed, he is free to frame any strategy for takeover that he wants to. With his Emergency Powers, and with his deliberate crusade against “The Media” and his assault against our First Amendment, he can shut down media outlets, leaving us with only his propaganda outlets such as the demagogue-farm and de facto state-sponsored FOX “News” for us to understand what is happening. Our despot, who even today tries to shut down a network comedy show for laughing at him, will shut down Facebook, will restrict Twitter to only his sycophant followers, will shut down the TV networks, etc. He advocates, and has installed his sycophantic ass-kissing head of the FCC to do so obligingly, destroying #NetNeutrality / #TheOpenInternet by Federal decree. WHERE WILL YOU FIND THE NEWS ABOUT WHAT EVIL HE IS DOING WHEN YOUR INTERNET IS DISCONNECTED?
  • Our despot crashes against our Constitution’s checks-and-balances every day of his Reich in order to fracture them and eliminate them from constricting his efforts towards authoritarian tyranny. The ONLY part of our Constitution that he has not attacked is, of course, the Second Amendment, and only that because, of course, Trumpians believe it is justification to arm supporters for their uprising against “libtards.”
  • Our despot mocks democracy and leadership, and promotes and embraces tyrants and dictators. He has been successful in driving his kneejerk lock-step true believers to actually and publicly now declare that they WANT HIM TO BE OUR DICTATOR! They are now so brainwashed, as is the plot of every despot throughout history and the world, to believe that the worst human beings are the ones running democracies, and the best human beings are the evil dictators and tyrants.
  • Our despot raised blind hatred, identical to the blind hatred that drove common German citizens to faithfully murder millions of Jews because they were “animals,” and established the exact same trajectory of internment camps, hate, fear, and blame as did the Nazis – and those behind every genocide in history — that we now know one third of our citizens are not only willing, but ARMED AND EAGER to kill one third of us while one third sits complacently and compliant and merely watches. He has conditioned #ICE to behave like his #Gestapo, even today becoming more vicious with a new ruthless ruler, rounding up and incarcerating human beings described as “animals” in #InternmentCamps even for #children. It is an incredibly thin line between what his Gestapo is doing today with children, and what they will do soon to easily incarcerate his political opponents. The entire function of rounding up and disposing of political opponents is now readily deployable on a moment’s notice.
  • Our despot, and his Reich and his demagogues, have been so successful in inflaming and manipulating the lowest human emotions of hate, anger, bigotry, greed, and fear that he has destroyed the Christian values of the majority of this nation’s believers, turning them into heretics calling for blood and worshiping greed, absolutely no different than what Moses was shocked to discover when he came down from the mountain and saw God’s people riotously worshiping the golden calf.
  • Our despot has never had an ounce of compassion, integrity, honor, or decency. He has always been an egomaniac, self-serving, with no desire to serve our country in any way whatsoever. Our despot has never served our country in any way. His only goal for seizing our White House has always been to sate his hatred, anger, greed, bigotry, and fear. Nothing else.
  • Our despot, who embraced his mentor Russian strongman Vladimir Putin’s cyberwar to infect our 2016 racist election, has already set in motion the use of his entire Reich to officially and illegally attack all of his perceived political opponents. All of his sycophant people who have blindly sworn fealty to this mad king will use Putin-like tactics of lying and gas-lighting to OFFICIALLY attack each Democratic candidate, just as the Russians did in 2016. This is happening NOW.

Our despot was installed by American demagoguery inflaming and manipulating the worst human emotions of hate, anger, bigotry, greed, and fear, alongside the cyberwar launched by his mentor Russian strongman Vladimir Putin who worked to change our election because of his personal hatred of Hillary Clinton and his belief that our despot would be a “useful idiot” to lift U.S. sanctions against Russia. For these reasons, he is illegitimate.

The universe and each religion (except the MAGA christians and the Extremist muslims) demands us to fight against hate and oppression, to fight against our despot’s attack on our democracy and his push to oppress and remove everyone who is “different.”

In 2020, we must vote overwhelmingly, as we did in 2018. Until then, because our despot will NOT leave office quietly, we must pursue justice with the public trial and exposure of impeachment. We also must urge the abandonment of the ridiculous Department of Justice opinion that a sitting president cannot be criminally indicted and can continue to be an active criminal by virtue of having overtaken our White House, rising himself to be above the law. We must, parallel to impeachment, pursue justice against criminal, profiteering, and treasonous acts displayed by our despot and his entire Reich.



RESIST tyranny bigotry oppression abandonment white supremacy
RESIST tyranny bigotry oppression abandonment white supremacy

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