Mobbed-up Donny and our White House

Originally posted Wednesday, February 24, 2016. Updated June 17, 2019.

When listening to American despot Donald Trump advocate violence against everyone whom he considers an enemy, you may recognize the tone and behavior of known mobsters.

That’s because our despot is, and always has been, mobbed up. Trumpians brought the mob into our White House.

Donald Trump is tied to criminal mobs worldwide and wants to bring them into the White House.

Organized crime had ties to the New York and New Jersey construction industry in the 1980s and 1990s making contact between developers and mafia-controlled companies unavoidable. Donald Trump worked with mob-controlled companies and unions to build his buildings. Trump’s palling around with mobsters is well-documented.

New York City mobster Daniel Sullivan heard from Trump in June 1980, requesting a godfather-style favor about a problem he was having at a construction site on Manhattan’s East Side. Trump was tearing down the iconic Bonwit Teller building to make way for Trump Tower. Trump was relying on illegal Polish workers, paying them only $4.00 per hour, far below union wages.  and that the workers were unhappy about their nonunion wages, and working seven days a week in 12-hour shifts. The Polish immigrants used jackhammers and wheelbarrows to take down the building by hand from the inside.

Trump worried the building was not coming down quickly enough and said he faced heavy real estate taxes if the demolition was not finished soon. Trump called Sullivan and asked him to come to New York immediately to help tamp down growing trouble at the Bonwit Teller site. The Polish immigrant workers were now threatening to harm the Trump organization’s construction manager. This godfather settled grievances in some mob manner.

After Trump’s bankruptcies, when normal credit lines were crushed, Trump found funds via Russian strongman Vladimir Putin. Putin and the Russian Mafia saw the opportunity in Trump to run money laundering operations on a scale of hundreds of millions of dollars by investing in outrageously-priced New York luxury real estate. Trump opened the door for luxury real estate money laundering by uniquely offering to sell real estate for cash to anonymous LLCs and individuals. Russians quickly moved in, which brought Trump to the attention of Putin, who is regarded as, by far, the world’s richest man, all off the books, graft stolen from his motherland Russia. Russian mobsters and connections wanted Trump properties such as the Trump Soho Hotel.

Today, the news of Trump and mobs, both American and Russian, collusion is bringing denials from Trump, who tweeted “For the record, I have ZERO investments in Russia.” This lie (and it is proven that Trump lies at least 85% of the time that he speaks) has been reinforced by his chairman for his campaign Paul Manafort [now the convicted and imprisoned felon], who further lies that Trump has no financial relationship with Russia. [Manafort is now in prison because of these lies.]

However, Manafort was himself more than just a campaign chairman for Trump; he has worked with other despots worldwide, including Putin cohorts, endorsing the Russian incursion into Ukraine. Paul Manafort was instrumental in undermining U.S. interests in Ukraine, is in the Putin circle that includes mobsters, and has raised millions of dollars from and for despots besides our own despot. (See and )

The lies of Paul Manafort and Donald Trump are more obvious when compared to earlier statements by Donald Trump’s son, who publicly bragged while trying to entice investors, “Russians make up a pretty disproportionate cross-section of a lot of our assets. We see a lot of money pouring in from Russia.”

Carter Page, one of Trump’s few advisors (“I’m speaking with myself because I have a very good brain,” said Trump about his lack of need for advisors), spent his entire professional career in investments with Russia. Page has no government experience; he is an entertainer and billionaire developer. Page brings Trump his access to financing from his employment ties to Gazprom, a monolithic Soviet-era utility company now mostly owned by Putin. Gazprom has such a huge role in the Russian political and economic system that Page’s involvement puts him in Putin’s pocket. Putin can put Gazprom out of business at any time because it is so entwined with Putin’s Russia, and Page uses his Putin connections for Russian money to support Trump.

Russian mobster and ex-con Felix Sater, residing next to Trump in Trump Towers, was chosen by Trump to be a key financier to build the Trump SoHo New York and Trump International Hotel & Tower (Fort Lauderdale). After lawsuits about unexplained infusions of cash from mob accounts in Kazakhstan and Russia, Sater pled guilty to racketeering in 2009. Sater has physically assaulted and threatened to kill reluctant investors. As an informant, he led to numerous mobster convictions.

Tevfik Arif served as chief economist and deputy head of the Hotel Management Department at the Soviet Ministry of Commerce & Trade. Originally from Kazakhstan, he has intimate knowledge of, and access for, laundering money from Russia using real estate deals, and worked with wealthy Russians in Putin’s close circle. Arif’s Bayrock Group, working out of Trump Tower and partnered with convicted felon and mobster Felix Slater, worked with Donald Trump on projects in Florida, Arizona, and New York, including Trump SoHo. In true Trump fashion, Arif was arrested in Turkey and charged with running a prostitution ring aboard a $60 million dollar yacht.

Robert LiButti had very close ties to Mafia boss John Gotti, and his mob life made him a millionaire who could play horse breeder. LiButti’s daughter testified that Trump and her father knew each other quite well. “My 35th birthday party was at the Plaza and Donald was there. After the party, we went on his boat, his big yacht.” She testified about Trump when he sealed one mob deal by handing LiButti a half million dollars in cash, under the guise of buying a race horse.

The lies continue. Trump denies knowing any of these money people with whom he had intimate financial ties. His offspring, not ones to ‘fall far from the tree,’ Ivanka Trump and Donald Trump Jr. also lied to investors about the financial success of their projects, the mob ties, the Russian funds, and the money laundering.

It is impossible to listen to Donald Trump speak without hearing how he sounds like the threats and slander of mobsters, and the self-delusion, delusion of grandeur, and refusal to tell the truth. After the Democratic National Convention, mobbed-up Donny said, “You know what I wanted to. I wanted to hit a couple of those guys so hard. I would have hit them. No, no. I was going to hit them.” “I was gonna hit this guy so hard his head would spin and he wouldn’t know what the hell happened,” said mobbed-up Donny at another time. At many of his rallies, he promotes violence and encourages mob-like violence against opponents.

This information is important and explains part of the threat to our democracy. Trumpians won’t care, of course; as mobbed-up Donny has bragged, he could walk up behind a guy on Fifth Avenue and shoot him dead and his Trumpians would still support him.

If, however, you care about having a despot and mobster in the White House, you should catch up on the history of how Donald Trump used that so-called “small loan of a million dollars” from his father (now proven to be an outrageous lie, it was millions and millions of dollars and untaxed) in order to become a billionaire (also now proven a lie, as revealed tax returns showed he lost more money than anyone ever has).

Here, for your research, is a list of some of what has long been published about the Mobbed-up Donny, the despot in our White House:

MSNBC: “Russian mob money helped build Trump business empire”

Mother Jones: “Queasy Aussies Killed Trump’s Casino Bid Over ‘Mafia Connections’”

New York Magazine: “Wall Street Journal Killed Editorial on Trump’s Mob Ties”

Yahoo News: “Trump challenged over ties to mob-linked gambler with ugly past”

The Telegraph: “Donald Trump exclusive: Russian mob-linked fraudster a ‘key player’ in presidential hopeful’s business ventures”

BiPartisan Report: “Evidence Emerges Showing Donald Trump Has Extensive Mafia Ties”

New York Times: “Donald Trump Settled a Real Estate Lawsuit, and a Criminal Case Was Closed”

Washington Post: “Former Mafia-linked figure describes association with Trump”

Daily Beast: “Inside Donald Trump’s Empire: Why He Didn’t Run for President in 2012” “The Donald Trump Story You’re Not Hearing About — Where is pack journalism now that we need it?”

Politico: “Just What Were Donald Trump’s Ties to the Mob? I’ve spent years investigating, and here’s what’s known.”

ABC News: “Memory Lapse? Trump Seeks Distance From ‘Advisor’ With Past Ties to Mafia”

CNN: “Donald Trump and the mob”

Chicago Tribune: “Trump swam in mob-infested waters in early years as an NYC developer”

Pensito Review: “Why the Silence about Donald Trump’s Mob Ties?”

The Federalist: “How Close Was Donald Trump To The Mob?”

Daily Kos: “Donald Trump & The Mafia”


NBC News: “FBI Rounds Up 100 Mobsters in Biggest Mafia Bust in New York History”


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  1. You can add Seth Hettina’s book “Trump/Russia – A Definitive History” to your list. The book provides a forensic account of Trump’s link to Russian mobsters and how he helped them launder money out of Russia through his US-based casinos.


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