Obfuscating the human tragedy of the TRUMP ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY

There is a “false flag” being raised to obfuscate the human immorality and danger of the war on brown skin immigrants under the TRUMP ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY. It’s the distraction over calling the overcrowded venues — jammed with people whom our despot tells us are “animals,” our enemies, the reason for our financial duress — “concentration camps.”

Although this is often mislabeled as a “Jewish problem” — indeed Jews suffered tremendous damage to their society, lives, and future — it is not uniquely Jewish. The Nazis also exterminated the disabled, gays, gypsies, and other non-Aryan groups. (Our despot, and his family, are documented believers in their Aryan eugenics as superior.)

Further, genocide has occurred throughout history and throughout the world. Although the Germans were far more meticulous and precise in cordoning off the slaughter into isolated camps, what the Nazis did is what other evil political groups have done throughout history and throughout the world: genocide. Whether machine-gunning residents in open town squares or gassing residents in ovens in well-hidden concentration camps, the slaughter of entire societies by those who consider them to be disposable and undesirable “animals” has always existed.

The path to genocide is well known, well documented, and well trod, and we are galloping down that path right now at full speed, perhaps never to be able to stop.

In fact, the Nazi FINAL SOLUTION didn’t exist until about 1941, years after WWII started, when the Nazis figured the best way to get rid of the problem of the hugely overcrowded “concentrated” venues was to start killing the occupants, disposing of them as garbage, the same way animal haters will kill dogs and toss them into pits.

AND THIS IS IMPORTANT: The Nazi hierarchy anticipated that German citizens would balk at killing these human beings. ON THE CONTRARY, THE NAZI DEHUMANIZATION EFFORTS “JEWS ARE ANIMALS” WORKED SO DAMN WELL THAT CITIZENS EAGERLY BEGAN THE SLAUGHTER. Which sure sounds like our vile Trumpians drenched in their hate, bigotry, the NRA, and the tacit approval of our despot for CIVIL WAR II.

If you really want to be offended by the term “concentration camp” rather than being offended by the actions of the TRUMP ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY, you are making a wrong judgement about what a concentration camp is: “a place where large numbers of people, especially political prisoners or members of persecuted minorities, are deliberately imprisoned in a relatively small area with inadequate facilities, sometimes to provide forced labor or to await mass execution.”

The definition of “concentration” clearly applies to the severely overcrowded venues into which our Trump Reich is shoving their hated brown-skin immigrants under the TRUMP ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY. They are concentrated because he is trying to eliminate an entire population. That is very often the trigger that turns into genocide.

We are so far down this path of atrocity that we are now numb to it. To consider that America has any facilities doing this, and that you are more concerned about the appellation of “concentration camp” than the horrors of these actions, is a massive red flag about the failure of our society today under this despot.

It is deliberate.

It is as deliberate as under any other murderous regime in history. And the citizens of the USA are participating in the TRUMP ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY, willingly or unwillingly right now.

If you connect the dots of where we have been and where we are now, that line points in only one direction: toward genocide. You’re sure we could never go THAT far. But we already have.

The man with the rifle was not Adolph Hitler. He was you and me.
The man with the rifle was not Adolph Hitler. He was you and me.

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