Remember “It’s the Economy, Stupid”?

In the USA under the Trump Reich, it’s “the economy” versus “racism.”

A couple things we know about American despot Donald Trump:

Our despot is a liar. The reason his lockstep knee-jerk true believers don’t care that he’s a liar is because what they love about him is he has unshackled them from the constraints of social mores and freed them to let loose their racism and hate and anger. Lies don’t matter, he has freed them from civilized society.

Our despot is a bully. His lockstep knee-jerk true believers have no understanding of leadership, which they see only as society restraining them from their worst behavior. They love that he is a bully because he is “one of them” and his juvenile spite and petulance, his erratic knee-jerk behavior, his “shoot first, aim later” bravado is exactly what they dream their lives should be.

One thing we know about our despot’s knee-jerk lockstep true believers:

The lockstep knee-jerk true believers use the facade of “the economy” as a smokescreen. They hide behind it to make their blatant and invigorated hateful bigotry (targeting Latin Americans, Muslims, LGBT, blacks, women, and whoever else is “different” than straight white protestant wealthy males) seem tolerable to the run-of-the-mill decent Americans who are offended by open racism and fight against it.

However, the facade of “the economy” is beginning to shatter, leaving only the racism.

We have now found that American despot Donald Trump has both lied about his economy and bullied the original analysts of economy milestones so that they created exaggerated reports about our despot’s economy. He has misled his lockstep knee-jerk true believers and American citizens by bragging via his lies describing the success of his economy.

The lies of our despot about his economy:


Our despot’s lie: Our despot created 2,500,000 jobs.

The truth: About 2 million jobs were created between April 2018 and March 2019. That is 500,000 — 20% — fewer jobs. (See “Half-million fewer jobs: Revisions hit Trump economy.”)


Our despot’s lie: Our despot drove GDP to 3% growth.

The truth: The GDP was 2.5%, lower than 2017’s 2.8 percent and also below annual figures for 2014 and 2013. (See “U.S. economic growth slows in Q2 2019, 2018 falls below Trump target.”)


Our despot’s lie: The economy is great and Americans are spending.

The truth: Consumer positive sentiment has dropped 6%. (See “US consumer sentiment for August comes in well below estimates.) Americans are not stupid and not all Americans swallow the braggadocio and lies of our despot; they have legitimate concerns about where the economy was headed.


Our despot’s lie: Great manufacturing jobs are growing at a rapid rate.

The truth: Manufacturing jobs slipped into contraction territory for the first time in almost a decade. The August measure, 44.9, is just a tick under the number 50, which shows no growth. (See “America has half a million fewer jobs than initially believed.”) Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, states that pushed our despot into our White House, all have seen manufacturing employment declines over the last six months.


Our despot’s lie: All Americans are getting great jobs.

The truth: Homelessness crisis. Every month, American citizens are becoming homeless because of not earning enough income to keep their homes. (See “Millions of Americans Are One Missed Paycheck Away From Poverty, Report Says.”) For every homeless person removed from the streets by aggressive investment and social efforts to house them, a couple more Americans end up on the street because they couldn’t afford housing.


Our despot’s lie: There is no recession looming.

The truth: Many economists worldwide believe our despot’s knee-jerk manhandling of trade wars, deficits, and tax breaks for the rich is creating a recession. It could be greater than the Great Recession of 2008. (See “The Next U.S. Recession Looking More Likely As Trump Weaponizes Trade And The Dollar” and “More than 70% of economists think a US recession will strike by the end of 2021.”)

“The economy” is the lie that Trumpians — self-infected with Angry White Man Syndrome, hateful of losing white straight protestant male dominance in our diverse country, and easily inflamed and manipulated by demagogues who exploited the worst human emotions of hate, anger, bigotry, greed, and fear — tell themselves and everyone as the reason for their cultist following of our despot.

That’s a proven lie. Every analysis of Trump supporters proves that they support him for one main reason: racism. (See “Ethnonationalism and the Rise of Donald Trump,” “The Rise of White Identity Politics,” “Time to Kill the Zombie Argument: Another Study Shows Trump Won Because of Racial Anxieties — Not Economic Distress,” “Trump voters were motivated by fear of losing their status,” and “Economic Anxiety Didn’t Make People Vote Trump, Racism Did.”)

They want white supremacy, and the “again” that MAGA refers to is those days when it was presumed that white protestant straight males held all the power in the USA.

When the economy falters, their cultist support of our despot will be even more obvious and blatant about its true racism, just as our despot himself is becoming more obvious and blatant about his racism.

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