The Elections of 2020: Every One of Us Holds History in Our Hands

As we hurtle toward the elections of Tuesday, November 3, 2020, it is important to grasp the differences surrounding the current kerfuffles among the Democrats:

  • Is Bernie lying or is Warren lying about one strategy comment that a woman can’t win the presidency?
  • Is former Republican/former Independent Michael Bloomberg buying his place in the Democratic primaries in order to run the USA as a business, just better than Trump has?
  • Is Medicare for All the best answer, or should health care include existing private insurance?

These and other issues, in this current unique environment of a plethora of candidates heading toward our primaries, smell like the dismissive argument that “Democrats eat their own.”

But, let’s get real. First off, there is no comparison to the current kerfuffles in the Democrat Party Primary run-up and the current harsh reality of impeachment and injustice in the GOPTeaParty.

This is how we vet candidates in the Primary season. If they can’t survive the Primaries involving favorable party debate, they sure can’t survive the moral horror, lies, racism, and insults vomited out by our lying immoral despot in our White House.

Once we choose our candidate at the Convention, then we must lock into unity to defeat our despot.

An interesting and important view of our elections was described by Vincent Bruzzese in a recent Facebook post:

  • In our 2000 election, about 25% of supporters of Republican John McCain in the primary, after he lost the primary, did not vote for successful Republican nominee George W. Bush, but rather for Democrat Al Gore (or a third party, or did not vote at all).
  • In our 2008 election, about 25% of supporters of Democrat Hillary Clinton in the primary, after she lost the primary, did not vote for successful Democratic nominee Barack Obama, but rather for Republican John McCain (or a third party, or did not vote at all).
  • In our 2016 election, about 25% of supporters of Republican Ted Cruz in the primary, after he lost the primary, did not vote for successful Republican nominee Donald Trump.
  • Although it was normal for supporters of the person who came in second in a party’s primary to vote for the party’s eventual nominee, often 20-25% did not.
  • In 2016, however, only 12% of supporters of Democrat Bernie Sanders in the primary, after he lost the primary, did not vote for successful Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton, but rather for Republican Donald Trump (or a third party, or did not vote at all), far below the average. In fact, Hillary Clinton got a higher percentage of Bernie supporters voting for her over Donald Trump than was seen in 2000, 2008, or in 2016 from supporters of other primary losers.

In this 2020 Primary season, we need to encourage 100% of supporters to vote for the Democratic candidate.

Democrats are fighting to provide health care for all citizens, and are arguing about the details of how to best do that. “Medicare for All!” scream some, while others scream, “Let those happy with their private coverage be able to keep it!”

I argue that this is a misplaced, mis-timed argument. The arguments about which candidate has the better fine-tuned plan for healthcare implementation, etc., are not as important as motivating EVERYONE to vote.

The American Healthcare Crisis has been a problem for a long time and is not easy to solve. It cannot be solved during Primary campaigns. In the 1990s, Hillary Clinton spearheaded a huge attempt to thwart the American Healthcare Crisis, which should be more correctly termed “The American Health Insurance Crisis” caused by the enormous inefficiency, bungled bureaucracy, and profiteering of the massive insurance industry. Hillary, of course, was vilified by the misogynist neo-con Newtwit Brigade in Congress in the mid 1990s which launched the hugely successful psychological warfare attack of HATE HILLARY! that plagues her to this day. The Newtwit Brigade and its “Contract on America” succeeded in protecting the status quo of the insurance industry and the healthcare crisis continued. During the 2010s, Barack Obama fought hard against the healthcare crisis and managed to forge the Affordable Care Act (notorious for being loved by common Americans but despised by them when they think it’s “Obamacare” — the result of more psychological warfare by the rabid right wing). Today, Trump’s hatred of Obama has re-created the healthcare crisis:  seven million Americans have lost their health insurance since Trump took office. 

It takes years of very hard battle to make healthcare policy, with lots of give-and-take and modifications and compromises. It is not going to be done by a position statement during the Primary season. We are wasting our anger and energy to focus on the various plan details at this time, when the real issue is: Democrats want healthcare for all Americans, Republicans want to take away healthcare from Americans. That truth is something American voters can easily grasp.

That’s the WIIFM (“what’s in it for me?”) motivation to get Americans to vote. Our elections are rarely shaped by the mythical voters who change their minds — especially in our hyper-partisan intractable society — but instead by who simply decides to vote in the first place, motivated by WIIFM.

Right now, it is the Primary season. This is a unique year with a unique battle where the very concept of American democracy is at stake. The current illegitimate occupant of our White House — illegitimate since he lied when swearing our Constitution’s unique Oath of Office — is preparing his cult of supporters to accept his possible suspension of the election of 2020 or to challenge its results or to give him unlimited power for unlimited terms (a monarchy and dictatorship). Even CIVIL WAR II is being floated by his supporters and he tacitly supports them. This is a lot of Sturm und Drang that reflects this moment in time as we strive to save American democracy. Our Primary is our basic training for this unique upcoming battle.

The very harsh reality is that impeached American despot Donald Trump and the immoral power-mad GOPTeaParty have raised lying, bigotry, cruelty, and partisanship to a destructive level never seen in our lifetimes — including those of us who lived under Richard Nixon — and probably in more than a century.

This is what we are really fighting against. This is the real battle.

The Trump Reich and GOPTeaParty are determined to destroy healthcare for all Americans, plain and simple, and have already caused millions of Americans to lose their healthcare. They fight to return the USA to the dark days of more than a decade ago when we were mired in the American Healthcare Crisis, when life-saving treatment caused American citizens to go bankrupt, emergency rooms caused hospitals to go bankrupt, and rejected existing conditions went untreated. There is no comparison to Democrats arguing about how best to provide healthcare for all Americans.

The Trump Reich and GOPTeaParty fight for their xenophobia, racism, religious persecution, anti-immigrant hysteria, misogyny, homophobia, and other oppression of all groups outside their presumption of superiority benefiting only wealthy white straight protestant males — the myth of their “pure American Aryan race” — by pursuing authoritarian tyranny for enforcement. There is no “common good” or compromise with diversity allowed in their souls.

These are real battles, and it is the reason we will fight together in the battle between the Democratic Convention in July and the 2020 election in November. We must also remember that the election puts at stake much more than just the presidency.

Everyone in the USA must be enlisted in this battle. Everyone. It must be made clear to every voting-eligible citizen that we are obligated to fight to save American democracy. Everyone must be made aware of the unique danger to our society of refusing to vote in 2020.

Unlike ever before in our history, the only thing that can save American democracy is to flood the polls like never before. Our elections are controlled by the non-voter. American democracy is now in the hands of Non-voters.

This is our time, our time when history will be in the hands of every single citizen. Everyone must fight to overpower Russian interference, the massive lies of the Trump Reich, the exploitation of fear and hate by power-mad demagogues, the oppression of voters by partisan gerrymandering and voter suppression.

Every one of us holds history in our hands like never before in our lifetimes. This is our moment to define history.

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