We cannot allow any spectacle of a Democrat alongside our despot on any stage or any venue under the misguided concept of “debate.” That would be destructive to truth, decency, and the United States of America.

We have a grade-schooler as a ruler. Impeached American despot Donald Trump’s juvenile spite, revenge, and petulance — and name-calling — has plummeted the level of national morality and discourse into a pit.

This wannabe dictator of putrid blackened soul announced his candidacy with deliberate xenophobia and racist hate, went on to literally brag about his penis on national TV at a presidential debate, and rages daily on Twitter with the most disgusting and vile brain vomit that has ever occurred in the modern presidency.

6:37 AM · Jan 25, 2020·Twitter for iPhone Non-presidential by a non-president
6:37 AM · Jan 25, 2020·Twitter for iPhone Non-presidential by a non-president

Trumpians love him because he says what they think. This is the reality of who they are.

Democrats cannot participate.

These are not normal times. We are in the Era of Demagogues and Putin. Truth has disappeared from a large swath of our citizens.

If justice fails and this lyingest liar of all lying liars is not removed because of his criminality, treason, and profiteering, then we expect to move on to non-justice removal at the voting booth later this year.

The salvation of the USA and American democracy will depend on the largest turnout of voters in our country’s history.

It will depend on sheer numbers to overpower voter suppression, gerrymandering, Russian cyberwar, demagogues, and lies.

It will not depend on “debates” with the lyingest liar of all lying liars, a disgusting little man of juvenile spite and petulance, who cannot form a decent conversation with anyone who doesn’t worship him.

To allow any spectacle of a Democrat and our despot on any stage or any event under the misguided notion of “debate” would be a disservice to the United States of America. (Yes, broadcasters would clamor for debates because the circus disaster of such a spectacle would drive viewership, but they will be just as wrong to demand debates as were Roman emperors who publicly fed Christians to lions. The spectacle is morally bankrupt.)

There should be no presidential “debates” with this despot. Any event with him would degrade truth, morality, and decency, and further dumb down the ignorant swath of our population.

Democrats cannot allow any platform for his purpose.


Trumpians — nearly half of whom are clamoring for this despot to become the fully-realized dictator that he is pushing to become — will never hear any facts, truth, reason, or justice. They are completely deaf, by their own choice, driven by their self-infected Angry White Man Syndrome (yes, so epidemic it even crosses gender and race lines).

Decent, moral, and adult Americans already recognize the historically-proven path we are hurtling down. We know he is shoving the USA into the maw of his authoritarian tyranny. He is destroying diversity with xenophobia and racist hate. He is enriching the wealthy while burdening the poor. He is the source of power for white supremacy embodied in the #GOPTeaParty. 

This infection is going to take a generation for us to heal — if we start treating the infection immediately by removing the Trump Reich.

Any faux “debate” will only serve to hinder the healing of our society, and will allow the infection to fester further.


It is scary to think there are “undecided” voters who can’t see the rapid destruction of democracy, the overpowering of decency and diversity by the white power forces of our despot, the cruelty and inhumanity, the elimination of truth and justice from our society all because of our despot.

I hear there are undecided voters, though. Even with this portion of the citizenry, still there is no justification for any face-to-face faux “debate” between the legitimate Democrat candidate for President of the United States and the existing illegitimate occupant of our White House (he has been illegitimate every day since he lied when swearing our Constitution’s unique Oath of Office, the only qualitative requirement for the Office).

Engaging American despot Donald Trump on any stage or event will not sway undecided voters.

Leave our despot to his demagogues and propaganda outlets. Leave him to his tweet rages. Leave him to his Klan-mimicking Nazi-style rallies. His voice will be heard…heard by those who are self-infected to hear nothing else. Don’t engage him. That will not further discourse or decision-making.

These are not normal times. Faux “debates” would create further harm to the USA.



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