Catching up on debate questions for Michael Bloomberg

The question for new presidential candidate Mike Bloomberg, who has risen in polls solely because of his high-priced advertising campaign, is: “When are you going to get out on the streets and talk with Americans about our concerns?” Bloomberg bought his way into the Democratic Party and missed all of the debates and the scrutiny.

We know little about why he is supposed to be competitive with our other presidential candidates. His advertising agency chose specific “hot topic” issues based on marketing research to be the heart of his massive, slick campaign of TV commercials. They are as effective as any of the best consumer goods commercials.

Because Michael Bloomberg has not been in any of the Democratic debates and has not been under any scrutiny in meetings with us in town halls or gatherings, here is what he missed. If Bloomberg had been in debates and meetings, he could tell us about his specific plans for such important questions as:

1) “What will you do about #Homelessness and our #HousingCrisis? There are more homeless Americans than there are residents in cities the size of Tucson, Fresno, Kansas City, MO (*not* KS!), and Atlanta, Georgia!”

2) “What will you do about #NetNeutrality for our Internet? The Open Internet is dying because it is being given solely to mega-corporations to control.”

3) “How will you reverse the rise of #bigotry and #racism unleashed by this administration? What responsibility do you bear for increased racism that could be attributed to your “stop and frisk” policy as mayor of New York City?”

4) “What will you do with the wall being built on our Southern border?”

5) “What is going to be your position about transparency and Freedom of the Press if you become POTUS? Will you continue to squash reporters who are critical of you because you ‘sign their paychecks’?”

6) “If you are elected and then re-elected, what will be your position regarding our Constitution’s limit of two terms? Would you try to replicate your process in New York City to gain a third term?”

7) “How will you deal with Russian strongman Vladimir Putin if he continues to expand Russia’s influence to include invasion?”

8) “How will you develop a humane and realistic approach to immigration? What will you do with the current internment processes against Latin American immigrant and asylum seeker families?”

9) “What is your intention for the U.S. Judicial System? What will you do about the misuse of appointing Supreme Court justices, the flood of ultra-conservative and incompetent newly-appointed Federal Judges, and the DoJ’s political attack-dog approaches?”

10) “If for some reason Mitch McConnell returns to the Senate, how will you get the Senate to move on rule-making with the many bills sent to it from the House and ignored by the Senate?”

11) “You have a history of opposing dissent and protests, particularly obvious during the OCCUPY WALL STREET events in New York City. What will be your position on political opposition demonstrations if you are President?”

Thank you Mike Bloomberg for President 2020 for your commitment of your wealth to help remove this current administration. Please also run the way a presidential candidate should: by engaging American citizens in debates and in person, hearing and answering our concerns. Please earn our vote instead of buying it.

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