The “wartime president” surrendered and abandoned us to the war.

The USA lost the opportunity for CONTAINMENT because impeached American despot Donald Trump focused on keeping power. (See “Inside the Coronavirus Response: A Case Study in the White House Under Trump“). Trump, instead of focusing on containment as soon as he heard in January that the virus was heading our way, politicized the coming pandemic by declaring “a Democratic hoax” which convinced all of his Trumpians, bots, GOPTeaParty, and mouthpieces who still today repeat that it’s a hoax. His concern was solely about his reelection. Early CONTAINMENT would have immediately prevented anyone from an infected area to arrive in the USA. Trump lies about his so-called “China travel ban,” lying about its swiftness and its efficacy. He had been warned in January that the virus was forming into a pandemic, but ignored it. When he instituted the China travel ban, it was late and it was mishandled because Trump has destroyed those parts of our government that know how to implement such policies. His inadequate policy “leaked” because there no longer exists government experts to establish a proper operation, so 40,000 people arrived through the porous ban. (See “NYT: Nearly 40k flew to U.S. from China after Trump’s coronavirus travel ban“)

His failure to institute CONTAINMENT led to the second, more deadly option of QUARANTINE. That was helping to “flatten the curve” and we were succeeding, although thousands and thousands of Americans died. However, Trump politicized it again because he sees his reelection hopes resting solely on the stock market, a false indicator of “the economy” for most Americans but critical to Trump as a tool for reelection. He covertly instigated threatening mobs of armed #TrumpChumps to storm our governors and mayors, especially our Democratic governors and mayors, as he again politicized the pandemic in order to destroy QUARANTINE with his “Open America” campaign to help the stock market rise in order to assure his reelection. (See “Coronavirus reopening carries high stakes for Trump in 2020 race“)

Abandoning QUARANTINE now moves the USA to the third response to pandemics, HERD IMMUNITY. Trump needs the economy to reopen in time for the stock market to become high enough to assure his reelection. That means throwing open everything in society and implementing HERD IMMUNITY, the concept that when everyone gets infected, antibodies will be created to fight the virus. One problem about HERD IMMUNITY for coronavirus has been the lack of proof that it would work in this pandemic. Many indicators indicated that the necessary key of the production of healthy antibodies in survivors was not happening and was unreliable. (See “Why Don’t Antibodies Guarantee Immunity?“) Another problem is that Trump lies about universal availability of testing for the virus, which is in truth woefully inadequate to measure HERD IMMUNITY, making it impossible to assess whether or not HERD IMMUNITY is working. (Trump doesn’t care if it is or isn’t; he only cares about the stock market.) Testing for the antibodies is crippled by the huge number of inaccurate tests. (See “Coronavirus Antibody Tests: Can You Trust the Results?“)

A new study announced on Monday May 11, “After Recovery from the Coronavirus, Most People Carry Antibodies,” indicates that healthy antibodies are reliably generated among those infected with the virus and who survive. This is different than the existing questions about whether survivors create effective antibodies or not.

It is suspect.

Three things to consider:

1) VICTIMS: the choice to abandon QUARANTINE and choose HERD IMMUNITY as a political strategy requires millions of Americans to become infected and as many as a couple million, at least 500,000, to die. The “Open America” Trump Chumps selfishly see the deaths as “worth it” because of the false belief that the virus only visits its violent lonely death on the elderly with “underlying” conditions. Aside from this being one of the most unAmerican things our society has done, it’s also not true. The violent lonely death of the virus has killed every age group and every health status. (See “Young people with coronavirus are dying of strokes; U.S. coronavirus toll tops 50,000“)

Pathetic Trump Chumps consider the “underlying conditions” idea an excuse to let the vulnerable die but that argument is as stupid as it is evil. If an obese man is killed in a car accident, we blame his death on the car accident.

Many Trumpians are under the delusion that the virus is not in their state, so they are not affected, but it is now in all 50 states.

CDC states tally as of 5/12/2020

The number of victims of HERD IMMUNITY is staggering. For the 80 per cent to 95 per cent needed to achieve herd immunity in the USA, estimates are as many as two million Americans will have to die. (See “It could take TWO MILLION deaths across the US to reach herd immunity says political scientist at Johns Hopkins“)

2) RELIABILITY: The Trump Reich is directing all resources, lies, mouthpieces, GOPTeaParty and bots to manipulate all public opinion in what they literally refer to as their DEATH STAR (Yes, honest to god, they talk about their all-encompassing strategy for reelection in terms of, appropriately, Star Wars’ evil empire and cruel Emperor setting out to subject everyone to evil tyranny AND destroy the planet!). Among this Death Star approach is a massive effort to get all of Trump’s subjects to turn against QUARANTINE and embrace HERD IMMUNITY even in the face of cruel self destruction.

Twitter post: TRUMP'S DEATH STAR

Understanding their Death Star approach, Americans must analyze the new report about antibodies as suspect because another important part of the Trump Reich Death Star strategy is to create chaos in information about the coronavirus. This specifically includes the Death Star strategy to create confusion about the number of reported deaths so that Americans become blind to the true toll of Trump’s HERD IMMUNITY strategy. The Trump Reich Death Star has already turned Task Force member Dr. Birx into a stooge to debase any death numbers for the pandemic. (see “Deborah Birx reportedly tells task force she can trust ‘nothing from the CDC'”)

The Trump Reich Death Star has given up on selling Trump’s lie of his so-called “history’s greatest economy,” which was such a shaky house of cards that nearly all American families immediately plummeted into financial disaster in just the first week of the pandemic. (A healthy economy would have people cushioned by about three month’s equivalence of liquid income in savings accounts or other instruments.) So now the Death Star is focusing on creating new attacks. (See “How Trump Plans to Weaponize COVID-19 Against Biden“)

The Trump Reich wants to kill us under HERD IMMUNITY so the stock market rises, even though it’s immoral and unethical, especially since it’s so far expected to fail in this unique pandemic because of lack of antibodies. (See “The ‘herd immunity’ route to fighting coronavirus is unethical and potentially dangerous“) So, be wary of sudden pronouncements like Monday’s report which smells of a manipulation by the Death Star.

 Remember the Death Star!

c) SECOND WAVE: The FIRST WAVE is still increasing, now spreading into rural enclaves of redneck Trumpians and even into the Trump Reich White House in D.C.

Scientists, medical professionals, and history oppose the Trump Reich’s dismissal of the inevitable SECOND WAVE of the virus to arrive much worse than the first and wash over us. (See “As States Rush to Reopen, Scientists Fear a Coronavirus Comeback“) The history of our 1918 pandemic replicates the #TrumpVirus strategy (or lack of strategy, since the only real goal of Trump is political). Americans who Trump encouraged to quickly grow weary of QUARANTINE rush out in his behind-the-scenes “Open America” campaign. Those Trump Chumps who fall for his covert campaign are similar to the citizens during the Spanish Flu who went out into the crowded streets to celebrate when The Great War ended. The death toll of the SECOND WAVE that followed that breaking of QUARANTINE was much greater than the FIRST WAVE of the 1918 pandemic. There was also a THIRD WAVE in 1919 and it, too, was greater than the FIRST WAVE.

The SECOND WAVE of the 1918 pandemic after people broke QUARANTINE.

So, stay alert to the Trump Reich Death Star approach of killing and destroying us in order to get reelected. (See “Trump’s unspoken factor on reopening the economy: Politics“) Maybe the news about universal antibody production is valid, but maybe it’s part of the manipulation by the Death Star! The Death Star, true to its namesake, has already launched an astounding campaign strategy for impeached American despot Donald Trump of, essentially, abandoning seniors to die for his stock market so he can get reelected. I’d think that would really annoy seniors. And now, the Death Star has #GOPTeaParty Senators adding children, too! I’d think that would really annoy parents.

Our evil cruel despot, with a reelection campaign appropriately patterned after the Evil Emperor with his evil empire and their planet-destroying Death Star from the Star Wars stories, demands he must be reelected in order to complete his shove of the USA into the pit of his authoritarian tyranny.

We must stop him from killing us and from getting reelected.

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